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Hofmann, J. Banovec, M.. Beach Wrack Management | A Beach Manager's perspective. 2021 - Summary report - Interreg BSR project CONTRA.

Zusammenfassung: While beach wrack is often seen as just another waste item to be removed, it has an important role in the beach ecosystem. For example, having beach wrack on the beach helps alleviate the effects of beach erosion, and many species depend on beach wrack as a source of food, living space and nursery. It also has significant potential as a resource and as a remediation measure to improve coastal water quality. In fact, it has seen plentiful historical use as such, and many of these applications are now being revived. Of course, technological advances, innovative business models and a resurgent political drive for sustainability and circularity have spiked interest in this material as well. This all begs the question: how is beach wrack currently being managed, and how could these management practices be optimized? Here at EUCC, we researched into these issues from a holistic socioeconomic angle, focusing on the stakeholder perspective and the managers in particular . 
PDF: O2.3 Stakeholder Awareness Report_final.pdf (2.709.862 Bytes)
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