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Woelfel, J., Hofmann, J., Muesch, M., Gilles, A., Siemen, H., Schubert, H.. Baltic beach wrack - challenges for sustainable use and management: Report of the Interreg Project. Interreg Baltic Sea Region Project CONTRA, Rostock, 2021 - Main output report - Interreg BSR project CONTRA.

Zusammenfassung: The "toolkit (O5.3) covers practical aspects of beach wrack management and provides guidance for local and regional decision makers. It serves as both a reference as well as a decision aid to help practitioners convert current beach wrack management schemes into more sustainable solutions. Besides practical factsheets about demonstrated solutions for beach wrack use and recycling options including key results and lessons learned, the toolkit summarises all the project's findings, results and recommendations related to socio-economic aspects of beach wrack management, environmental / ecological aspects, legal frameworks and its impact on beach wrack use as well as value chains and other business related aspects of exploit the market potential of beach wrack as a resource.
PDF: CONTRA-ToolKit-Web.pdf (3.410.846 Bytes)
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