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Leal Filho, W., Krahn, D.. COASTMAN - Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea. In: Schernewski , G., Glaeser, B., Scheibe, R., Sekścińska, A., Thamm, R. (eds.). Coastal Development: The Oder estuary and beyond. Coastline Reports (8), pp. 237-244. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2007.


One of the priorities in respect of sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region is coastal zone management. Because of its economic and ecological relevance, the proper management of the Baltic coast poses a major challenge to all countries in the region. This paper will present some examples of initiatives on coastal zone management in the Baltic Sea Region and pay particular attention to “Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea” (“Coastman”), an Interreg III B project, intended to analyse the interactions between environment conservation, conflict management and sustainable development in six coastal zones of the Baltic Sea. The project partners – Sweden, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia – will consider environmental problems and assess the risks of the Baltic Sea coast with reference to transportation, fishing and tourism, suggesting measures to improve the current situation. Elements to be considered for the purpose of establishing better coastal zone management in the Baltic, North and Mediterranean Seas, via exchange through seminars, inspections and dialogues with regional decision makers will be discussed.

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