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Hoffmann, J.. Indikatoren für die Küste im Kontext grenzüberschreitender Regionalentwicklung. In: Glaeser, B., Sekscinska, A., Löser, N. (eds.). Integrated Coastal Zone Management at the Szczecin Lagoon: Exchange of experiences in the region. Coastline Reports (6), pp. 73-86. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2005.


Indicators for the coast in the context of cross-border regional development. The development of coastal indicators for the Oder estuary region is one module of the research project ICZM Oder. The integration of the indicators into the existing regional context of guidelines, goals, strategies and networks is the main aim of the work. This creates an opportunity to connect ICZM with regional development efforts. The consideration of existing activities ensures acceptance of ICZM goals and indicators. Experiences from the development of sustainability indicators at the local and regional level show that a modularised indicator system can improve the integration into the practical work of the different stakeholders. Core indicators give information about the region for strategic decisions and communication processes. Specific indicators in different thematic modules are the basis for decision support and evaluation corresponding to thematic concepts and projects. Interlinkage indicators show the connection between the separate sectors.

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