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Lewicki, I.. Rola i znaczenie ochrony przyrody dla zrównoważonego rozwoju regionu: Miejsca pracy a ekologia. In: Glaeser, B., Sekscinska, A., Löser, N. (eds.). Integrated Coastal Zone Management at the Szczecin Lagoon: Exchange of experiences in the region. Coastline Reports (6), pp. 121-128. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2005.


The role and significance of nature protection for sustainable regional development: Jobs and ecology. The integration of political, economic, and social courses of action, on the one hand, and the nature conservation and basic environmental sustainability, on the other, are crucial for socioeconomic development. This strategy helps to protect the natural environment, and preserve biological and ecological diversity, so that flora and fauna can thrive in accordance with their specific physical and biological needs. Concerns about the sustainability of nature - that is, its protection and the legitimate use of its resources and benefits - shape policymaking and guide the principles of land use on all levels of regulation and planning. The diversity of biotopes determined by coastal location and habitat, estuaries and the Szczecinski/Oder Lagoon, creates the variety and scenic beauty associated with Polish Western Pommerania. Prerequisite to efficacious environmental protection is the creation of conditions which support relevant institutional and local activities. Providing this supportive setting is connected to an arduous, long-term process. All of the actors involved must bear in mind that successful efforts will result not only in benefits for most, but that this success also comes at a price - namely, a significant financial burden that must be borne by most as well.

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