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Shili, A., Trabelsi, E.B., Ben Maïz, N.: Seasonal dynamics of macro-algae in the South Lake of Tunis. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 8: 127-134, 2002.


Abstract. The macro-algae communities observed in the south lake of Tunis are characterized by the predominance of nitrophilous algae which are in the order of biomass importance: Ulva, Cladophora and Enteromorpha.We have noted seasonal changes of alga distribution. The wind appears to be one of the most important factors influencing this distribution. The total biomass reaches a maximum in the spring. Rapid decomposition of the biomass leads to a severe ecological imbalance, resulting in crises of anoxia and fish death. A restoration project has already started. It aims at removal of contaminated muds and the introduction of a new circulation system. The main objectives of this work were to collect information on the distribution and biomass of the phytobenthic communities as a first step in the constitution of a database for further comparison.

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