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Plastic Summit Global Event

Datum: 17. Oktober 2022
Webseite: https://www.plasticssummit-globalevent.com
Ort: Lisbon, PORTUGAL

The Plastics Summit – Global Event 2022 presents itself as a disruptive event, bringing together the key stakeholders for a sustainable future, raising awareness on climate citizenship underpinned by Planetary Health.

Aiming to serve as forum of ideas, this event strives to converge diverse stakeholders’ visions to present wide-ranging and engaging solutions for all the plastic value chain.

This will result in a commitment via a position statement that will translate a global vision and action to create a more sustainable environment and circular future for plastics.

Kontakt: E-Mail: info@plasticssummit-globalevent.com
Telefon: (+351) 913 978 953
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