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5th Baltic Earth Conference

Datum: 13. - 17. Mai 2024
Webseite: https://baltic.earth/events/110599/index.php.en
Ort: Jurmala, Latvia, LATVIA

The 5th Baltic Earth Conference will take place in Jurmala, Latvia!

From 13 - 17 May 2024, the 5th Baltic Earth Conference will be held in Jurmala near Riga, Latvia. New challenges for Earth system research in the Baltic Sea region will be presented, while some challenges will be modified and continued. An updated Baltic Earth Science Plan for the years ahead will be presented.

We hope that scientists from all around the Baltic Sea region as well as various stakeholders will come to join us at our conference on this beautiful and historic location.


The Baltic Earth scientific network strives to achieve an improved Earth System understanding of the Baltic Sea region as the basis for science-based management in the face of climatic, environmental and human impact in the region. Baltic Earth brings together a broad international research community around scientific issues relevant for societal efforts to achieve sustainability in the region. Baltic Earth targets the atmosphere, land and marine environment of the Baltic Sea, its drainage basin and nearby areas with relevance for the Baltic Sea region.

The completion of the Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEARs) marks the termination of the first phase, ten years after the launch of Baltic Earth. The BEARs provide a retrospect of Baltic Earth related research, current knowledge and knowledge gaps, and wrap up Baltic Earth activities.

The conference

After the publication of the Baltic Earth Assessment Reports (BEARs) in 2023, reflecting the Grand Challenges and research themes of Baltic Earth over the past ten years, it is now time to move on and update research challenges, and define new ones. The updated and new research foci will be presented and discussed by scientists, students, managers and other stakeholders. Conference language is English.

The sessions of this conference reflect the Grand Challenges and topics Baltic Earth has elaborated for the past 10 years, and those which are currently being defined as new. As the open discussion is ongoing, the final set of new Grand Challenges will be presented at the conference with the new Science Plan 2023. The topics below are preliminary but reflect the scope of the conference; the final sessions will be defined in the 2nd Announcement and Call for Papers.

- Salinity dynamics
- Biogeochemical functioning and development:
- From catchment to the open sea
- Natural hazards and extreme events
- Sea level dynamics and coastal erosion
- Human impacts and their interactions
- Sustainable management options
- Analysing and projecting past and future climate changes
- Atmospheric teleconnections affecting the Baltic Sea region
- Comparing marginal seas around the world
- Philosophical aspects of Baltic Sea Earth system research
Kontakt: Marcus Reckermann, International Baltic Earth Secretariat
E-Mail: marcus.reckermann@hereon.de
Telefon: +49-4152-87-1693
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