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2024 Social Coast Forum

Datum: 12. - 15. Februar 2024
Webseite: https://www.cessrst.org/event/2024-social-coast-forum/
Ort: Charleston, UNITED STATES

Climate change is exacerbating all issues related to coastal management, including human health, food security, transportation, the economy, and the environment. Historically marginalized communities are often impacted the most. Presentations and discussions at the Social Coast Forum 2024 will focus on applying social science data, tools, and practices to build equitable climate resilience in coastal communities.

The forum brings together a network of practitioners to share social science tools and resources, learn about and practice social science skills, and discuss ways to integrate the social sciences into coastal decision-making. This biennial forum is a must-attend event that attracts over 300 professionals from state and local coastal resource management programs, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, private industry, and federal government agencies.  

Kontakt: Margaret Pletta
E-Mail: Margaret.Pletta@noaa.gov
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