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AlgaEurope 2023

Datum: 12. - 15. Dezember 2023
Webseite: https://algaeurope.org/
Ort: Grandior Hotel Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Algae have become a multi-billion sector in terms of biotechnology development that is expected to grow rapidly, providing valuable goods and services in multiple applications.

In spite of centuries of scientific and commercial interests, the term algae has no taxonomic meaning. In the light of rapidly growing business interests associated with the term algae, a clear, simple definition of algae is not only required but essential for developing the necessary standards, and regulatory and legal issues. 

AlgaEurope is a unique opportunity to learn and understand all about algae production and commercialization and interact with over 400 key players from more than 45 countries.


Abstract Submission: 02. Oktober 2023
Kontakt: DLG Benelux B.V.
E-Mail: info@dlg-benelux.com
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