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7th International Zooplankton Production Symposium

Datum: 17. - 22. März 2024
Webseite: https://meetings.pices.int/meetings/international/2024/zps7/scope
Ort: Hobart-nipaluna, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

We are living in the Anthropocene. Our oceans are warmer, more acidic, have widespread plastic and other pollution, and are subjected to increasing exploitation including overfishing. Zooplankton play a pivotal role in our oceans, as grazers of primary production, as drivers of carbon and nutrient cycles, and as prey for higher trophic level consumers including both harvested fish species and iconic marine mammals and seabirds. How zooplankton will respond to the dramatic changes in our marine ecosystems will impact the health and productivity of our oceans and our planet.


To better understand zooplankton in a changing world, ICES and PICES are holding the 7th International Zooplankton Production Symposium as a forum to discuss the latest zooplankton research. The ICES/PICES Zooplankton Production Symposium will bring together the top zooplankton researchers globally, showcasing recent advances. 

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