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Offshore Day 2024: Energy at sea

Datum: 04. Juni 2024
Webseite: https://www.managementproducties.com/portfolio-item/offshore-day/
Ort: Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Offshore Day is a high-level conference that brings together industry leaders, decision-makers, and experts in the field of offshore energy. It’s a platform for in-depth discussions and insights into the strategic aspects of offshore energy, focusing on the development, deployment, and management of offshore energy resources.


Themes Offshore Day 2024: Energy at sea

·       The offshore energy debate on how to scale-up developments

·       Tender processes, finance, (non-pricing)criteria, regulation

·       Infrastructure and connecting offshore to onshore

·       Hybrid solutions: hydrogen, storage, aquaculture

·        Empty gasfields and CC(U)S 


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