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Coastal woodlands - ICZM in Woodlands by the Baltic Sea

Typ des Eintrags: Projekt
Webseite: http://www.svo.se/minskog/templates/svo_se_vanlig.asp?id=10566
Dauer: 01/06/2002 - 01/04/2006

The project "Coastal Woodlands" will demonstrate new and innovative ways to include the coastal woodlands in an ICZM by the Baltic Sea. Recommendations for a strategy related to forestry and nature protection issues in an ICZM by the Baltic Sea, within the frames of the Union´s environment policies, will be formulated. The project will also establish linkage to other ICZM initiatives in the Baltic Sea region. Forest authorities and NGOs at local, regional and national level co-operate with forest owners association and authorities for regional and local environment. 

Report 2006
Kontakt: Mr Bo Thor
Regional Forestry Board of Östra Götaland / Skogsvårdsstyrelsen
Generalsgatan 4
S-582 73 Linköping
Telefon: +46 13-20 38 37
Fax: +46 70-660 26 74
E-Mail: bo.thor@svsog.svo.se
Webseite: http://www.svo.se/minskog/templates/regionstart.asp?id=3995
Partner: National Board of Forestry, Sweden (http://www.svo.se/)
County Administration, Kalmar County, Sweden (http://www.h.lst.se/)
County Administration, Östergötland County, Sweden (http://www.e.lst.se/)
Municipality of Norrköping, Sweden (http://www.norrkoping.se/)
Södra Skog, Sweden (http://www.sodra.com/)
Naturskyddsföreningen i Östergötland, Sweden (http://www.snf.se/)
WWF-Sweden (http://www.wwf.se/)
Budget: 2.414.724
Finanziert von: European Union (http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/life/home.htm)
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