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The Polish coast: development and coastal management.

Typ des Eintrags: Fallstudie
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In this case study the authors present a brief characterisation of the Polish coast such as:

  • shape and type
  • wind characteristic and
  • coastal changes.

Detailed characteristics of coastal changes and a balance of the sediment input for the eastern coast of the Pomeranian Bay were also presented.

Some regularities in coastal changes in the last 50 years were found. Along the coast,some stable and dynamics areas exist. This system is connected with the circulation system of water and sediments in the coastal zone. The authors found these phenomena very important for coastal area management and spatial planning.

Integrated coastal zone management in Poland is running parallel in three groups of activities:

  • governmental and international projects
  • local and non governmental activities.
The authors briefly presented characteristics of each group of activities with special attention to projects that were connected with the Szczecin Lagoon.
Stichworte: Coastal processes, Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), Spatial planning
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