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Spiel mal Meer!

Typ des Eintrags: Projekt
Webseite: https://www.spielmalmeer.de/
Dauer: 07/2016 - 12/2017

 The usage of the north and baltic sea is for Schleswig-Holstein's inhabitants of central importance. But many different interests in use and varying claims of the economical, ecological and social field lead to a burden on the coastal and marine system. Together with four partners of the sea, media and education field, EUCC-D initiated the sea education project "Spiel mal Meer!", which contains a wordplay of "play more" and "play sea", the two words are pronounced the same in german. The project's goal is to form playfully consciousness for our seas and to communicate that the maintenance and the securing of the coastal and sea are not only the task of politics and economy, but also of the society.

 The project manifests itself in a Schleswig-Holsteinwide media contest, in which pupils from 5th to 13th grade playfully develop media answers to research questions about sea and coast and upload them into a online game structure. The competition is under the patronage of Dr. Robert Habeck, minister for energy transition, agriculture, environment and rural areas Schleswig-Holstein.

Stichworte: Information, Media, Public information, Sea, Web-based technology
Kontakt: Frau Anke Vorlauf
EUCC – Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V. (EUCC-D)
Seestraße 15
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde
Telefon: 0431/ 69 120 63
E-Mail: vorlauf@eucc-d.de
Webseite: http://www.eucc-d.de
Finanziert von: BINGO! Projektförderung Schleswig-Holstein
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